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Custom Made Orthotics

Suffering with minor or chronic pain of the lower limbs or feet?

Following an initial Biomechanical Assessment with us, we will discuss and assess the problem to find the best way to resolve it. If we decide that custom orthotics are the best method of treatment, we will prepare these alongside our Lab, providing the correct structure, alignment, and control in the required areas.

During a session with us, you can expect to create a foot mould with our Podiatrists which will then be transferred onto our Lab, with a custom prescription advising of all the necessary modifications.

They usually take 2 -4 weeks to return, to which we would then invite you back into the clinic to have these fitted and ensure they are suitable.

A review of these will be required 4 – 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) later. These types of orthoses are more comfortable than ‘off the shelf’ orthoses as they are custom tailored to you.

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