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Initial Consultation | £51

As with any medical treatment, it is important to fully understand the nature of your foot problem and the impact any other medical conditions may have on the treatments we provide. As such, your first visit to us will

involve an initial assessment but does include any treatment provided. This involves a medical, vascular and neurological evaluation of you and your feet. If you do not attend the clinic within 18 months of your last appointment, you will need to have another assessment, as a lot can change in that time and we need to ensure everything is up to date for your well-being.

Full Podiatry Treatment | £46

A general treatment that addresses all the basic needs of your feet. Following an initial consultation, your nails are cut and tidied, any corns and/or hard skin is removed, and the skin is moisturised with our recommended foot cream.

Foot Clinic Express | £33

The express is ideal if you just need a little help with cutting your toenails, or with that troublesome corn; this quick option will address the most urgent, singular problem.

Foot Clinic Express Plus | £37

For a nail cut to be done in a standard express appointment, you must attend no longer than 4 months between appointments. Otherwise, a longer appointment will be required, increasing the price to £35 for this service.

Biomechanical Assessment | £85

We also assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions of the lower limbs. We offer a biomechanics assessment to diagnose your current lower limb complaints. For example, heel and/or forefoot pain. Treatment usually includes exercise therapy and orthotic provisions, but are not limited to. We will then review and monitor your treatment progress.

Biomechanical Review | £50

Following on from your assessment, you will most likely require a review of your treatment plan. This is to ensure the best possible outcome and to address any future changes or adjustments that may be needed.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy | £195

Following a Biomechanical assessment, you may require ESWT. This is a non-surgical treatment for long-term or chronic musculoskeletal conditions. As podiatrists, we mainly use this method to treat plantar-fasciopathy and achilles tendinitis. A minimum of 3 sessions are recommended, each 7-10 days apart. Your progress will be reviewed following these sessions.

Verrucae | £33 – £39

After an initial assessment, we can decide which treatment would be best suited to you. We offer salicylic acid, cryotherapy and silver nitrate. Our prices for this service vary, depending on the size of the area that requires treatment.

Surgical Needling for Verrucae| £255

This is a procedure using Local Anaesthetic and a fine needle to puncture the area, the goal is to implant the infected cells into the dermis thus stimulating an immense response. This includes follow-up checks. More than one session may be required.

Nail Avulsion | £400

Removal of all or part of the nail plate with Local Anaesthetic to relieve symptoms of an ingrown toenail or involuted nails and/or Onychomycosis with the use of Phenol to prevent regrowth. This includes follow up checks and a dressing pack to last 2 weeks. (There will be an additional £50.00 charge for each additional nail edge the needs removing).

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On confirmation of your appointment, you will receive up to 3 separate emails regarding our Patient Forms. For your benefit, please ensure these are completed prior to your appointment with us, so we may determined if the correct appointment has been appointed for you and your needs.

If we feel an alternative appointment is required following review of these, we will contact you.

For Surgical Needling, Nail Avulsion, Shockwave Therapy and any other treatment not specified via our booking system, please note these will need to be scheduled via telephone, email or direct in the clinic; following a review by one of our Podiatrists.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that it is not always possible to keep your appointment as circumstances change. If you need to change/cancel your appointment, we kindly ask that you please provide us with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If we are notified of any changes/cancellations less than 24 hours notice, making it difficult to fill this appointment slot, you may be charged full price for your missed appointment, depending on the circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.

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